Occupational Therapy Functional Assessment

Occupational therapy aim to improve the independence skills of children and adults in all areas of life. We complete standardised assessments to capture strengths and challenges of the person and provide high quality, highly informative recommendation reports. All our Occupational Therapists specialist in sensory integration.

During our assessment we would consider the following:

  • Self-care
  • Leisure
  • Productivity
  • Functional skills
  • We work holistically and always with the client at the centre of clinical care.

Self-Care refers to; emotionally, physically, or mentally looking after ourselves. This might include personal care, sleeping, eating.

Leisure includes; play, hobbies or interests which are motivating to us, including with friend, family or alone.

Productivity is the skills needed to be successful within employment, learning at school, volunteering.

Functional skills are the cognitive and motor skills needed to be effective and efficient in everyday activities.


Occupational Therapy Functional Assessment Package

What’s included:

  • Assessment of occupational functioning.
  • Comprehensive assessment process. This can be in our therapeutic clinic setting or home environment if more appropriate.
  • Analyse individual in the relevant environment.
  • Detailed report -which includes:
  • Strengths and challenges
  • Overall day to day functioning
  • Assessment findings
  • Detailed recommendations
  • Follow up phone call

If required in assessment, a full sensory integration assessment will include:

  • Standardised assessment tools assessing sensory processing (if clinically appropriate)
  • Clinical Observations
Beverly Nunes with a child

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