Treatment & Intervention

We provide specialist interventions including;

  • Sensory plans – this is an personalised devised activity plan, which enables access to the right type and demand of sensory input needed
  • Direct Ayres® Sensory Integration Therapy – evidence suggests a small number of sessions improves functionals goals in children with Autism, Pfeiffer (2011)
  • Interoception curriculum – The curriculum intervention focuses on improving self-regulation and emotional regulation. Clear awareness of body signals gives important feedback about exactly how you are feeling as well as valuable information about the situation at hand. Noticing the way the body feels and connecting it to an emotion is what motivates purposeful self-regulate behaviours.
  • Direct Occupational Therapy therapeutic programmes such as; adapting the environment to improve productivity
  • Handwriting programmes / fine motor skill development
  • Reduction in behaviours that challenge working within the Positive
  • Sleep right – support around sleep hygiene
  • Review and input into Educational Health Care Plans (EHCP)
  • Quickshifts – Therapeutic listening programmes.
  • Sensory ladders -individualised tool to build on self awareness  and how to use sensory strategies for self regulation.
  • Sensory strategies – personalised tool kit of activities to help with self regulation.
Louise with a child at OT4me
Play area at OT4me

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Treatment & Intervention

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