Training and Workshops

We provide bespoke training / consultation to staff, careers, parents and clients, to upskill care providers to become proficient in supporting the client’s needs.

New for 2022……

• Interoception training for caregivers and schools – understanding our internal sensory systems, such as hunger, thirst, toileting, anger, anxiety and how to support someone with these difficulties.
• Increasing independence skills workshop – improving your child’s engagement and independence within the home.
• FREE monthly parent/carer education drop in sessions – this will include discussion on a topic and a chance to have refreshments with highly skilled therapists and other parents/carers.
• Autism awareness workshop
• Sleep strategies workshop

Feedback from some of our delegates: ‘informative’, ‘inspiring and informative’, ‘it was like stepping into my daughter’s shoes’, ‘fabulous!’ ‘lots of lightbulb moments.. I’ve gained a better insight into my daughter’s life and struggles and where they stem from’. ‘super, thank you!’

Children at OT4me
Louise at a workshop
Louise and Lizzie at York St John University

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Training and workshops

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