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‘Thank you so much for the report you sent through following our child’s OT assessment last week.  We really appreciate the speedy turn around and all the information provided which has been very helpful indeed.’

Patient Feedback following assessment March 2024

‘Thank you very much for the report. It is so much more detailed than I was expecting, and I am very grateful for all the useful insights and information you have provided.’

Patient Feedback following assessment March 2024

‘I can manage things a lot easier, I feel a lot more regulated and not as over emotional. I just love coming here and swininging!’

Autistic teenager, March 2024

‘Eva seems to understand our son and has crafted activities that fit him and maximise the outcome of the session.  He is more spatially aware of himself.  Instances of travel sickness have reduced and his pain tolerance has improved.’

Father of child with dyspraxia March 2024

‘All the examples things like facing forward and turning body this explains my son in his bike not being able to still steer. Also his light wringing grip and loads of other sensory issues.’

‘Really interesting, I felt I’ve learnt so much about my son and why he does the things he does. It could really benefit him at school. I’m going to research getting him SI assessed.’

SI awareness training December 2023

‘It gave me a better awareness of what sensory processing is. I was just copying some of schools methods or what I’ve seen in the internet, but it really helped to understand the why.’

‘Everything was very useful I’ve learned a lot today thank you so much for the training bringing it together, really liked the triangle diagram.’

SI awareness training December 2023

‘Very informative and delivered in an ‘easy reading’ style …I was unable to get sound so captions were really helpful …I will be watching the recording another time and sharing with the team!’

‘Academic language clearly explained. Useful examples and references for further investigation.’

SI awareness training December 2023

“I was so grateful to all of you for the support in assessing and diagnosing (child) issues, and helping me understand them so that I could help him – not to mention sharing the trauma of tribunal with me – and I wanted to let you know that although it’s been a long road, we got there in the end. So thank you, again, for being there – we’ll never forget what you did for us.”

Tribunal assessment with OT4me– 2023

Louise assessed our then 6 year son in the clinic and at home. The subsequent report was incredibly detailed and enormously helpful in getting the ball rolling in identifying our son’s needs. I was able to use the report as part of an EHCP application. We have used the recommendations in the report at home to better support my son. Louise has a good understanding of autism and the PDA profile which I think is very helpful, for us certainly. Louise and her team communicate promptly so we as parents were not left wondering what was happening, we were informed each step of the way. Initially we were on the waiting list longer than expected but it was worth the wait as my son will now be better supported.

Feedback from a parent who’s child had an OT assessment February 2023

My son LOVED his therapy every week. It was the highlight of his day and loves his therapist to bits. He has developed in so many unexpected ways despite having very clear goals. We were blown away in the changes especially my sons ability to organise his thoughts, think things through, manage situations differently and become more independent. I strongly believe not only did therapy support his health needs but did wonders for his mental health and well-being.His school have also noticed a huge difference in his abilities in the classroom and needs much less support. I am so pleased we decided to go ahead with a full block – this will be life changing for my son

Parent feedback of ASI intervention April 2023

So pleased we found OT4me. Their thorough and detailed assessment has helped us get the right provision for our sons and the secondary school we need. The therapy provided has been excellent-delivered in a fun and exciting environment with great quality equipment and warm skillful therapists. If you are looking for a professional OT service for your child, you are in safe hands here. We would definitely use this company again.

Feedback from a parent in March 2023

“My little boy (4 years old with an autism diagnosis) had a sensory assessment with Lizzie and Beverley last year, and then had a block of 18 sessions with Beverley over the last few months.

I cannot recommend OT4Me highly enough. My son was non verbal and pretty much in his own wee world when we had our initial assessment. The assessment gave me insights into my son that really changed how I interacted with him and approached his struggles. The report they wrote helped me to access other services and inform his EHCP.

After our 18 week block of sessions I can honestly say the progress my son has made is amazing. He is saying a few words. Eating a few new foods. Able to do physical tasks he wasn’t able to do before. I feel I have the tools and knowledge to support my son. And best of all, I have a son who is happy and regulated and able to learn new skills.

Can’t thank the team enough for what they’ve given our family”

Parent AY March 2023

‘The boys  have really enjoyed the sessions, the attention and warmth both Eva and Jess showed the boys and ourselves was exceptional. When we first discussed the sessions we expected they may change, and I can say they did on recommendations of Jess and Eva. The move to completing work around emotions was  really positive for the boys .‘

A parents feedback following a block of regulation sessions for her 2 sons, February 2023

‘Reading the report was amazing, thank you so so much for that. I felt so heard and understood when I read it after fighting for so long to try and get people to understand what’s going on for him.’

A parent said this following an assessment in February 2023

“Great service! Lizzie is fantastic with Jack who looks forward to every session. Highly recommended.”

Parent of a child who had a block of ASI therapy, July 2022

‘Lizzie has been amazing in helping us to understand the difficulties our child experiences, as well as the different ways in which we can help him. He loved his sessions with Lizzie and has made so much progress as a result.’

Parent of a child receiving ASI therapy , July 2022

“I would highly recommend SensoryOT4me, upon speaking to Louise she advised that the whole process for assessing my son would not be relevant to him so Louise provided me with advise and coping strategies for us both really. Louise also helped me to get a better understanding of how my son is feeling with the sensory issues he has which made a lot of sense. I felt at ease speaking with Louise and would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone who is looking for an OT.”


“Fantastic service. All communication has been professional throughout and calls, emails, messages have all been responded to in a timely manner. Louise has a relaxed and friendly approach which makes building a rapport quicker and easier for both my child and myself, but she still kept everything professional. The report looks professional, is easy to read and understand which is very helpful. I have been very satisfied with the whole service and would definitely use again and recommend to others.”


“Thanks to you my son can now concentrate better in school, ride his bike and is sleeping much better…it’s been such a great experience and he’s loved every minute!”


“I am extremely impressed by the quality and professionalism of the service from start to finish. I hope we can continue to work with this excellent OT provider.”


“Very professional and she was so engaged in what she was doing with my son to keep him focussed.   I asked my son and he said Lizzie was friendly and fun and when is she coming back to play!’ Recent feedback from parent, November 2020”


“Me and my son met Louise yesterday, she was spectacular what an amazing lady she is excellent at what she does we was very comfortable around her and she performed some assessments on my son and he was happy to complete them I would recommend Louise to anybody looking for an OT thank you so much for your time!”


“Thank you so much to Louise Holdsworth, from OT4me, for delivering a highly informative lecture on Sensory Integration Therapy to our BA(Hons) Interior Architecture and Design students. This will kick start the students’ Autism-friendly adult accommodation design project, providing a wealth of knowledge about autism and sensory sensitivities.”


“The interoception curriculum has been very useful for my son. He is already starting to be more conscious of recognising internal signals which, with reinforcement, will hopefully only improve. The sessions were fun and informal which helped to get buy-in from my son. We’re hopeful that the sensory diet that Louise is putting together will also help with regulation of energy levels at home and at school.”


“The interoception curriculum has been very useful for my son. He is already starting to be more conscious of recognising internal signals which, with reinforcement, will hopefully only improve. The sessions were fun and informal which helped to get buy-in from my son. We’re hopeful that the sensory diet that Louise is putting together will also help with regulation of energy levels at home and at school.”


“Thank you for the report, it was really interesting to read through the progress he has made and it is something that we also observed too. I cannot thank you enough, the difference it has made is astounding! I keep telling everyone at work and in the OT meetings how amazing the SI therapy has been! Its incredible how the activities, which from the outside just look like small play activities, can have such a dramatic impact on how the brain functions, it’s incredible.”


“Thank you! Your input has made a great difference across our curriculum offer”


“I am writing to express my thanks for all the work you have done with both pupils and staff here at St Hughs since the summer. Throughout the whole process you have been a joy to work with – from answering emails promptly to being endlessly flexible with therapy dates, timings and even venues! You have also put up with endless questions from a nosy SENCO and opened my eyes to a number of different resources and research. The pupils have absolutely loved your therapy sessions, with both boys literally skipping to each one. The rapport you have built with the pupils, staff and parents has been second to none and helped these boys make good progress. Attendance at review meetings has also cemented these relationships. The training sessions you have delivered have been personable and relevant and prompted many a discussion in the staff room afterwards. I am excited about our journey to integrate the interoception curriculum and will keep you up to date with our progress.”


“Being able to trust Lizzie has helped me feel safe, which allowed me to be more open. The sensory strategies we have developed together, have been life changing! I feel more positive and my life is back on track”