Special Schools

There are many children in special schools who have occupational therapy on their EHCP or who would benefit from occupational therapy input, however this input tends to be limited from statutory services. Many of these children and their teaching staff would benefit from professional input and advice regarding fine motor skills, visual motor skills, visual perceptual skills, coordination and sensory integration/processing skills, functional skills and life skills development as well as support with access, seating and equipment.

si school mind map

OT4me can provide the following:

  • Work with teachers regarding planning of daily activities to benefit individual children or the whole class.
  • Provide individual assessments and therapeutic intervention as required.
  • Support the teacher and child in achieving therapeutic goals through collaborative working, individualised therapy and/or small group work.
  • Work with families and other professionals to provide consistency across settings.
  • Whole school training on current therapeutic approaches/emotional/sensory regulation which support emotional, social literacy support within the school setting.
  • Training for parents in how to implement strategies at home to support improvements with engagement at school.
  • We provide sensory environmental audits to ensure your provision is meeting sensory needs of children with neurodevelopmental conditions. Following an audit we can support you to implement the changes which will benefit these children and the school as a whole.

We offer a flexible service and are able to work with all children and their teaching staff in ways that work best for the teacher, school and child.

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