Making the most of summer holidays!

Get easy tips and tricks for having a great summer holiday with your kids.

The schools have nearly broken up for summer! You may find yourselves with a lot of time and not a lot of activities to do. We wanted to provide some generic ideas and tips that you can use with your children over the summer.

  • Keep it simple, plan your day with regular breaks.
  • Remember to consider both your child’s and your own regulation needs.
  • You can play summer themed games in your garden or local park, using simple games such as having water play, jumping on trampoline, catch or football, or even just lying in a hammock or egg nest listening to some music.
  • If you can, get outside, go for a walk! Try to access different outdoor spaces with various different visual points of interest, such as woodlands. You could take a picnic.
  • If you or your child has sensory processing difficulties, maintain the same principles as you usually would do. Have quiet spaces, and opportunity to use your muscles for proprioception.
  • Go to the park! As Sensory Integration Therapists, play parks are something we use so often for children and families to be able to access opportunities to move and play to regulate – to have fun, and explore! These are free and there are lots of different parks in your local area. You could take a picnic to extend your stay.
  • If the weather is not great, you can make your own playground at home!
  • Have a simple planner and list several different ideas of days out or rainy days.

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Enjoy the summer!

By Lizzie Huxford on 05-08-2022.


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