Bonfire Night

With bonfire night approaching, we have some useful tips for children with SI challenges:

  • To help prepare the child, read a social story about bonfire night.
  • Use a Heavy rucksack to give them increased deep pressure, have favoured snack and toys within this.
  • Allow plenty of relaxation activities when they get home, such as a bath.
  • Put your phone number in the kids’ pocket if the child gets lost.
  • If your children have additional health needs, to wear appropriate lanyard representing this.
  • Use gloves with sparkles
  • Use ear defenders
  • If the noise is too much, sit in the car to watch fireworks with their favourite snack
  • Don’t feel the pressure to go.
  • Do some bonfire activities at home, such as putting candle sparkles in cakes, play glow in the dark games, messy play with making fireworks on paper, such as blowing paints, with a straw, using chalk on black sugar paper.

We hope these tips help!

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